Meet Our Team

Rod Loewer | President & General Contractor – From humble beginnings of working construction with his father in his teens, to owning his own cabinet shop, to later building multi-million dollar custom homes, our experienced builder has a vast expanse of knowledge and an astute awareness for detail. Working as a Portland Fire Fighter for 30 years, Rod has also learned the art of time management and the value of hard work. His understanding of the importance of safety makes him thorough and detailed on every job. If we could choose one word to describe Rod it would be trustworthy. Or hard-working. Or maybe reliable– okay, so we can’t choose just one…


Gina Loewer | Vice President & Lead Designer – Every all-star team has a wild card. Meet Gina, our fearless designer with an edge. Gina’s expertise has come from many walks of life, such as owning her own interior decorating and design business, or later working side by side with Rod as Northland grew. Inspired by her own experience of cooking countless football dinners for her sons’ teams, Gina has a natural intuition for what it takes to create a functional, well-operating kitchen with practical traffic flows. Her awareness of local, modern design and experience from european travels are constantly inspiring Gina’s keen eye for cutting edge design– from the rustic tones of Tuscany to the industrial flare of downtown Portland. But beware! her passion for design is contagious. You may find yourself having way too much fun while working with her.


Ali Metcalf | Team member since 2012, Ali’s what you might call our office manager. But that title doesn’t do her justice, so we came up with our own… Just call her our go-getter gal. In charge of billing, purchasing, payroll, and all that other boring stuff that makes our company a well-oiled machine, Ali knows how to get the job done. More importantly she knows how to have fun while doing it! Her qualifications stem from more than just her driver personality type, but from earning a BS from OSU in Business with a Psych Minor. After graduating college, Ali spent time working in the mortgage industry, giving her a unique understanding of the housing market. Furthermore, Ali’s innate creative eye is constantly utilized when assisting in design. But we know what you’re really wondering about Ali… cat or dog person? Good news. Dog.


Keegan Loewer, Portland Oregon contractor

Keegan Loewer | Taking after his father and grandfather, Keegan has been in construction since his teens, working for Northland since he was in high school. This has given him an arsenal of experience in all things construction–from laborious demolition to delicate finishing touches. Keegan is more than just a simple laborer–he does everything, including prep for subs, framing, carpentry, painting, and whatever else we ask. He’s our go-to guy to get things done. Keegan’s compliant demeanor brings composure and efficiency to the Northland team, and establishes confidence in our clients. Whether you need him to install a new refrigerator or climb into a creepy crawlspace with a tiny flashlight, he’s your man! And if you have a dog on the job he’ll always be sure to scratch its belly or throw the ball for it during the workday–no questions asked.