Sauna Oasis

Our Tigard Treehouse couple are so in love with their new kitchen and family room, they called Northland back to remodel the master bedroom and bath. The project included adding a spacious sauna oasis, but more about that later! We sent our designer in to evaluate the space. What she found was a master bedroom that could hardly be called that with only a small shower, one vanity, and one sink in the bathroom with the closet inconveniently across the bedroom from it. Only a small 34” high window let light into the bedroom. The space, much like the kitchen and family room in their previous lives, was small, closed off and dark. On the other hand, the hall bedroom was unnecessarily over-sized with its own bathroom adjacent to the master.

First things first, our designer made the two adjoining bathrooms into one giving the master back its rightful title. She moved the hall bathroom to the other end of the excess bedroom space and a door was added closing off the whole area making it into a generous guest suite. But we know what you’re really wondering: what did our designer do with all that extra space in the master bath…?

For our clients, separate his and her vanities were a necessity. So our designer added two floating his and her vanities across from each other topped with 3cm Pental Quartz counter tops and show-stopper Stone Forest travertine vessel sinks. A large walk in shower with the latest Kohler Moxie Showerhead allows our clients to listen to their favorite music while washing off a days hard work. Porcelain tile covers the walls while the same stone pebble flooring that runs under the floating vanities cover the shower floor.

At this point it’s hard to decide who the star of this new master bath is, but it doesn’t take long… Insisted upon by our clients after many exotic travels across the world, a sauna oasis was a must. With an enlarged shower and extra vanity it all seemed implausible to add such an extravagance, but hey! That’s what we do. Our designer just also so happens to be a space utilization expert. Now this astonished couple dreams of their sauna oasis at home while traveling abroad, and not the opposite.

Master bathroom Tigard Portland

If you weren’t impressed by the bathroom the bedroom should get your attention with its relocated closet moved closer to the bathroom for easier access. Any fashionista would immediately dream of filling all the space in this new sapele mahogany walk-through closet divided from the bedroom with a custom designed island in the center serving as a floor to ceiling shoe rack on the closet side and an entertainment center on the other. Now our clients don’t have to split their wardrobes in their son and daughter’s old closets like before– there’s room to spare. In the bedroom itself the small 34” window was replaced with another extended to be just within 18” of the floor taking in the treed surroundings. Much like in the kitchen and family room, this bedroom and bath were transformed to feel like an exotic treehouse oasis– a place our clients are now reluctant to leave.